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Wrap Guys

285% increase in
organic traffic through SEO
No. 1 position in Google Ads
for relevant searches
101% increase in online conversions
99% increase in total website traffic

We couldn’t do it with just a pretty website.It takes an entire digital marketing strategy that is constantly being optimized.

This is how we did it for
Wrap Guys.

1. Awareness!

In this phase, prospects become aware of the existence of the Wrap Guys brand through:

  • Google Search Ads Text ads displaying on Google’s search results for relevant searches.
  • Google Display Ads Image ads are shown on Google Partner websites to users who are interested in services offered by Wrap Guys.
  • Keyword SEO New pages are created and optimized for specific searches to help rank at the top of Google/Bing for relevant searches.
  • Bing Search Ads Text ads displaying on Bing’s search results for relevant searches.

2. Interest

Since we know prospective clients demonstrate interest in products but conduct research, this is how we remind them about Wrap Guys:

  • Google Ads Remarketing Image ads displaying to recent website visitors to remind them of Wrap Guys’ offerings.
  • Email Marketing Regular email campaigns to notify customers about sales and offers.
  • Social Media Remarketing Image ads appearing on Facebook to target recent visitors of the website.
  • Blog Article Writing Articles written and targeted for searches being made by prospective clients.

3. Decision & Purchase

During this phase of the sales experience, prospective clients are about to make their final decision. This is what we did to help increase Wrap Guys’ chances of getting the sale:

  • Engaging Brand Voice Content writing for pages to connect with prospects and address their needs.
  • Improving Website Navigation  Updating website navigation to make it easier for users to find the service that best fits their needs.
  • Contact Form Engagement Ensuring that contact forms can be easily found to reduce any barriers in completion of a lead.

4. Optimization of Funnel

To continue to improve the rate of conversions and engagement by Wrap Guys’ prospects, we do the following:

  • Evaluation of the strategy Continuing review of marketing efforts and the best ways to engage with customers.
  • Monitoring & Reporting Regular tracking of keyword rankings and reporting for website traffic sources.
  • On-Going Adjustments Monthly adjustments to organic and paid campaigns to improve their efficiency.

"Great advice and services."

Our team at would like to thank you and your team for ALL of the great advice and services you have provided us from day one. You taught us that a solid business is built up in stages, and every stage you introduce to us helps it grow stronger and stronger.

Your marketing strategies are like no other, and its great that you always keep us up to date with the latest trends in this dynamic environment. Your services make the core of our business and we always look forward to your presence.

Colin Gillette

Sales Manager

Wrap Guys

All of your marketing should surround your website.Here is how we re-vamped the Wrap Guy’s website to be a conversion machine.

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization If your business is not found on Google, you can miss out on huge traffic opportunities. Wrap Guys knew the importance of search engine optimization, so FirstPage made sure the site was ready to make it to the top position.
  • Search Engine Marketing Campaigns Even with great search engine rankings, traffic can be stolen through paid ads. To avoid this loss, we setup Wrap Guys with a finely tuned search engine marketing campaign.
  • Mobile Website Code To reach more users on smartphones and reduce bounce rates on the site, FirstPage made the Wrap Guys site mobile friendly, even after the initial launch.
  • Speed Optimized! To keep users from leaving the site due to slow loading times, FirstPage continuously works on maintaining and improving the Wrap Guys website’s page loading speed.

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