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Wrap Guys produces quality vinyl wraps for cars, trucks, buildings, and just about anything you can imagine. Their design is unique and their service is beyond exceptional. To capture a potential client’s attention they needed to be visible and stand out - just like the wraps they produce. With unique web design to match their brand and tough search engine optimization, FirstPage has been able to deliver exactly what they needed.

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  • 285% Increase in organic traffic
  • Top position in Google Adwords
  • Mobile friendly site
quote Great advice and services

Our team at would like to thank you and your team for ALL of the great advice and services you have provided us from day one. You taught us that a solid business is built up in stages, and every stage you introduce to us helps it grow stronger and stronger.

Your marketing strategies are like no other, and its great that you always keep us up to date with the latest trends in this dynamic environment. Your services make the core of our business and we always look forward to your presence.

Colin Gillette, Sales Manager

Service Provided Organic Search Engine Optimization

If your business is not found on Google, you can miss out on huge traffic opportunities. Wrap Guys knew the importance of search engine optimization, so FirstPage made sure the site was ready to make it to the top position.


In the last 6 months Wrap Guys has experienced a 285% increase in organic traffic compared to the previous period.

Service Provided Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Even with great search engine rankings, traffic can be stolen through paid ads. To avoid this loss, we setup Wrap Guys with a finely tuned search engine marketing campaign.


Wrap Guys’ ads place in the first position of the search engine results page and yield a 5% online conversion rate.

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Service Provided Mobile website code

To reach more users on smartphones and reduce bounce rates on the site, FirstPage made the Wrap Guys site mobile friendly, even after the initial launch.


Mobile traffic has increased by 186% in the last six months.

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