Yeti Snowtracker

Yeti Snowtracker is a unique app designed to help snow removal businesses improve their day-to-day logistics through resource management, weather forecasting, and record tracking. When the bad weather hits, there are businesses all over North America who turn to Yeti for the best services and for help in making their businesses as efficient as possible. An effective app like this needed an effective website, and FirstPage was ready to deliver.

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  • 79.86% increase in organic search traffic
  • 199.65% increase in overall website traffic
  • • Lead generation through contact forms

Service Provided Search Engine Optimization

To ensure that Yeti can be found through search engines, the website was created with search engine optimization in mind, allowing Google to properly crawl, understand, and rank the website.

Benefit: Having an optimized website has lead to improved rankings and resulted in an increase of organic traffic by 76.86%.

Service Provided Search Engine Marketing

To help give the new website additional traction, we set up Yeti on Google Ads. These paid ads will display at the top of Google's search results, providing additional traffic to the website.

Benefit: With the addition of paid search ads, traffic increased by 199.65% year-over-year, showing the impact that Google Ads can have.

Service Provided Lead Generating Online Forms

To allow users to sign up to start using Yeti, they needed a platform that could gather these leads and funnel them correctly.

Benefit: Yeti can properly capitalize on all the traffic flowing to the website, converting those users into tangible leads that the business can profit from.

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