Yeti Snowtracker

Yeti Snowtracker is a unique app designed to help snow removal businesses improve their day-to-day logistics through resource management, weather forecasting, and record tracking. When the bad weather hits, there are businesses all over North America who turn to the Yeti for help in making their business as efficient as possible and providing the best service. An effective app like this needed an effective website, and FirstPage was ready to deliver.

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  • • Lead generation through contact forms
  • • Top position in paid ads
  • • Custom designed features page

Service Provided Lead Generating Online Forms

To allow users to sign up to start using Yeti they needed a platform that could gather these leads and funnel them correctly.

Benefit: The new website allows users to sign up and multiple points and connect them with the plan that works best for them.

Service Provided Top Position in Online Ads

With a such a great app, Yeti needed to get their name out there, and using Google Adwords was the best way to do this.

Benefit: Yeti's Google Adwords campaigns generated hundreds of leads in a short amount of time, creating an instant success of their new app.

Service Provided Custom Designed Features Page

With such a cool app, we wanted to deliver something that was equally as cool on the website. FirstPage had something in mind for the Yeti 'Features' page.

Benefit: FirstPage designed a creative and cool features page to educate users about the app. Check it our for yourself.

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