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Are you wondering if social media marketing is right for your business? As digital marketing experts, we stay up-to-date on all the latest social media marketing techniques, so that we can help our clients utilize social media marketing properly and increase their brand awareness, community engagement, customer relationship management, and sales growth. social media marketing services by FirstPage Marketing

At FirstPage Marketing, our social media marketing services are designed to drive results on the social media channels that matter the most to your business. There is a good chance that your target audience is using social media on a daily basis. Why not tap into this channel and connect with potential customers? Our social media strategies help you determine which social networks your customers are on and what the best ways are to reach them.

Below are some of the social media marketing services that we provide our clients with:

Social Media Strategy

A clear, well-prepared social media strategy is the foundation of any successful social media marketing campaign. Before developing a social media strategy, we take the time to ask questions, understand overall business objectives, research the market and examine competitors.

Social Media Management

Successful social media management takes time. At FirstPage Marketing, we understand that many business owners do not have the time to manage their social media channels. Our social media management services can cover everything from planning and scheduling to posting, engaging and reporting. Our team will work with you to develop a well-balanced social media management plan that works within your budget.

Social Media Advertising

In the last few years, leading social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have adjusted their algorithms in a way that has significantly reduced organic reach for businesses. This means that it is now nearly impossible for businesses to garner the reach and engagement they once had without investing in paid ads. For best results on social media, we recommend a healthy balance between organic posts and paid ads. Get in touch with us today to learn how your business could use social media advertising to its advantage.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising on Facebook is a great way to reach a specific, targeted audience with ads formatted as either images or videos. Facebook’s advertising tools have many helpful features such as demographic targeting, custom audience building, A/B testing and reporting. As a result, business owners are able to create higher-performing ads that reach the right people at the right time.

Instagram Advertising

Advertising on Instagram is very similar to Facebook and has many of the same features. Instagram ads also have the option to be managed directly through Facebook Ad Manager, giving business owners complete control of both Facebook and Instagram ads from one centralized hub. At FirstPage Marketing, we help clients advertise on Instagram with static images and animated videos.

Social Media Contests & Campaigns

Social media contests and campaigns are an effective way for businesses to grow their following. At FirstPage Marketing, our team can manage your next social media contest from start to finish. We handle the strategy, planning, implementation, tracking and reporting. Each of our contests and campaigns are different and can be customized to meet the exact needs of your business.

Community Management

Community management is the process of connecting with and managing a business’s online community. It includes but is not limited to: answering questions about products and services, customer relationship management and connecting with key influencers in your industry. With our social media community management, we help you connect with the right social media accounts and cultivate relationships.

Social Media Frequently Asked Questions

You have got questions and we have got answers. We get a lot of the same questions about social media from our clients. Below are some of the most popular questions that we can help you answer. For answers to these and more, please visit our frequently asked marketing questions page.

  1. How can I get more followers?
  2. Should my business be on social media?
  3. What social media channels should I be using?
  4. What should I post to social media?
  5. How frequently should I post?
  6. What time of day is best to post at?
  7. Should I be using paid social media advertising?
  8. How expensive is paid social media advertising?
  9. How do I run a social media contest?
  10. How much time should I be spending on social media?

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