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With over 15 years of experience in the website design and development industry, FirstPage Marketing knows the best website design and development techniques to create appealing and functional websites that generate results. A well-built website from our web designers and developers is your business’ foundation for an effective digital marketing performance. Website Designing

Do you need a new website but do not know where to start? Our team of digital marketing professionals will work closely with you from the very beginning to create a website that reflects your brand and meets your wants and needs, so that you can outperform your competitors.

Learn what website design and website development are and why they are important for your business below.

What is website design?

Website design covers every aspect of your website, including the content, the way the site looks overall, and the way it functions. The web design process is used to determine a concept and plan for the website's layout, colour scheme, font, structure, graphics, images, and interactive features before the website is built.

What is website development?

Website development, also known as programming, is the process of turning a website design into a fully functioning website through the use of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and PHP or through the use of a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. The web development process can transform a static layout into a dynamic website by incorporating image and content sliders, active states for links and buttons, and a range of other interactive elements.

Why are website design & development important?

Since the overall design and functionality of a website can either make or break a business, proper website design and development can make a world of difference when it comes to targeting an audience and potentially turning them into customers. Developing a website design with an impressive user interface will lead to much higher conversion rates, as well as better business and revenue. Get in touch with us today to begin designing and developing your new website.

Improve User Experience

Website design and development can help improve a user's experience (UX) by pinpointing problems that customers may have navigating the website intuitively and providing solutions before those problems occur. In today's market, a website's UX needs to be flawless or it can result in lost revenue, as users get frustrated with not being able to navigate the website and end up leaving the site before purchasing anything.

In order to create the best possible user experience for your website, it is important to create a perfect balance between the business' needs and the users' needs, as well as a balance between visual design aesthetics and user functionality. The less effort and time a user needs to interact with a website, the better the UX.

Increase Online Engagement

Increasing online engagement with customers through a website's design is about more than using creative visual elements to instantly draw the eye; it is about creating visitor interaction and boosting engagement by building trust as a reputable company.

Some of the ways you can increase online engagement through website design include:

  • Using strong keyword-rich content
  • Utilizing rich media
  • Strategically placing riveting calls-to-action
  • Writing monthly blog articles
  • Social media integration

Increase Conversion Rates

The best way to increase conversion rates is by strategically placing riveting calls-to-action throughout the website design to compel users to take actions, such as subscribe, request a quote, share, or buy a product. A well thought out website design will utilize calls-to-action to boost conversion rates in a way that appears natural, exciting, and in keeping with the business' brand.

Website Design & Development FAQs

If you have questions about website design and development, our team can help. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions that we can help you answer. Find the answers to these questions and more on our frequently asked marketing questions page.

  1. How do I know when I need a new website?
  2. How much do new websites cost?
  3. How long does it take to design and develop a new website?
  4. Do you build custom websites?
  5. What type of website is right for my business?
  6. How do I know what webpages I need on my website?
  7. Can I update my website over time?
  8. Can I see my website’s progress as it is being designed and developed?
  9. Will I be able to make changes to the website after it is completed?
  10. Are your websites mobile friendly?

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